20 – 25 May 2015

Presenting Partner

Pentecost 2015: Graz becomes magical again! Unbelievable nine years of silence – but now we are back: And how! With the International Storytelling Festival grazERZÄHLT, which is presenting things you loved in the past and new artists and arts from all over the world!

Folke Tegetthoff presents…


Hello, my dear Graz! The longing was too strong. We are returning. We are giving you the greatest storytellers from all over the word and we know that you will give us the most wonderful listeners. You were our home for ten years, you gave us the strength to go on a short and at the same time unbearably long walk into the world. And now we are back to conquer you once again with lots of new and fantastic surprises. Our storytellers will be all over town with their words and their silence, with their bodies and their quiet gestures, with their music and their instruments. They will make you wonder and laugh, they will touch you deeply and you will ask yourself astonished: “How was it possible for me to be without you for such a long time…”

30 artists from 12 nations

Classic Storytelling, mask- and figuretheater, dance & acrobatics, clownery, pantomime, music,….

Experience magical Graz!

In cooperation with our partnerhotel Roomz
and Graz Tourism we have set up a fabulous offer for you.

Tip: When angels travel

Whitsunday, 7pm: 3 churches – 6 storytellers and music – all tell a story.

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